Home Maintenance

Deep Toilet Cleaning

Toilet cleaning is one of the most essential and important thing that should regularly be done in homes. Though it can be very tough tasks you need to do it to ensure that your home looks nice and a very fresh smell. Although each and every corner of your house may need proper hygiene and maintenance, there are some parts that need more of your attention. When we put ourselves up for cleaning, first thing that strikes our minds is our bathrooms .Bathroom is an important part in our households which require special attention. Nobody likes a dirty and faulty or smelly bathroom. A clean bathroom reflects healthy and caring lifestyle of its inhabitants. Deep toilet clean for residential and commercial premises must be done at least every week. You can do some brushing on daily basis but it cannot be a real substitute of deep toilet cleaning.

So when you have to do it, keep off your laziness and get it done. You can do it stepwise whereby you remove tissue papers, towels and rags. Clearing your toilet will enable you create room to extend your cleaning to all parts. When doing deep toilet cleaning it is advisable to wear those heavy gloves to ensure that no germs get to your hands or nails. After using those gloves you have to throw them or dispose them away. Do not keep them for later use as they will have already trapped many germs which is not hygienic for you. Take a sponge dip it into hot water and clean at the top, lid, exterior, seat, water tank and the pipe so that it may make your efforts more efficient.

Usually, you can remove any dirt and grime without the help of chemical cleaners. It is usually recommended to use specifically manufactured toilet cleaners for cleaning inside the toilet. Toilet chemical cleaners help make your toilet free from stains, rings, mineral deposit etc .Squirt the cleaner inside the rim so that it will flow down the inside of the bowl into the water. Before using a toilet cleaner, you need to read all the instructions provided by the manufacture as it may need to be soaked first for perfect results. In such a case, take a break from your next deep toilet cleaning task. Next step is scrubbing, so take nice bristled toilet brush and scrub inside the bowl with special attention to the rim area.

Remove stains; mineral deposits thoroughly. It will add strength to cleaning power of your brush. Flush the water and scrub a long with motion of water. If you have large number of stains, repeat the cycle of inside cleaning till they are all removed. After you are done with all this, use some sprays and disinfectants to eliminate any harmful bacteria that are still surviving. Use it on top, lid, sides and tank.