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Top 8 Common Problems for Gas Appliances

You are not really thinking about your gas appliance, are you? You expect it to work well when you need it and give you heat and hot water when you ask for it. However, a damaged system can cause disruption in your daily life. An inconvenient situation is that most times the gas appliance repair is needed during the cold winter months. After being unused for a long period of time during the summer, heating is forced to come back to life to heat the entire house.

Whilst some common problems of gas appliances can be remedied without the need to call a qualified engineer, others need the assistance of a gas appliance repair company. From the “noise in the boiler” to “leak” or “drip”, you can find the top eight common problems in gas appliances below:

Fail to heat the water

The possible problems could be burst pipes, broken 3-way valve, room thermostat or problems with low water pressure.

The pipes don’t heat

In old gas appliances, mud appears that clogs the pipes. It is recommended to conduct chemical washing and mount filters for impurities. You may need to ventilate the pipes.

The central heating is whistling

You hear a whistling or noises? When lime scale from hard water deposits on the heat exchanger plate, you can begin to hear strange noises of the boiler. Call a gas appliance repair team.

Problems with the room thermostat

If the room thermostat loses accuracy or gives on/off commands when it should not, perhaps it is time to invest in a new and better room thermostat.

The central heating system freezes

There are situations when the central heating system freezes or the pipes condense. You must call authorised service to evaluate which components are faulty.

Low pressure

It is caused by loss of water in the circuit in most cases. Maybe other problems of safety from the faulty valve or that the tap broke down.

The light goes out

It can be from a faulty thermocouple which is why the gas supply to the pilot flame stops.

Strange sounds

Commonly occurs due to the air in the system because of inadequate ventilation. It can occur also due to low water pressure. Circulation pump damage, especially in older plants may be responsible for these strange noises.

If you need help don’t hesitate to call gas appliance and oven repair let the experts do the job for your safety and convenience.