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Tree Removal

When you are making a decision about removing a tree from your property, you must commit some serious consideration to the matter. There are several issues to check before calling one of the professional tree removal Brisbane services. These include getting permission from the concerned authorities, the actual process for getting the job done and safety requirements.

Permit for Removal

tree removal.Government regulations indicate that no official permission is required for removing a tree on your property within a certain distance from your house. The distance is different for various zones within the country. If your property is located where bush fires abound, all trees within a distance of 10 metres can be removed without a permit.

You must check the specifications with the local authorities. If you wish to perform any job on a tree beyond the specified distance, you must arrange for an inspection of the tree. The authorities will send an arborist – a specialist on trees in urban areas.

He will give a report on whether the tree can be removed after inspecting the tree and its surroundings. You may then show the report to the concerned authorities. The authorities may issue a permit based on the recommendations in the report.

Checking Underground

Once you get the permit for felling the tree, you need to consider several technical issues. Tree Services must check for buried gas lines and electrical cables as the roots often catch up with them. Working near these could be dangerous. You need to check for underground sprinklers and sewer lines as well.

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