Window Screens
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Types of Window Screens

A pet screen is made of strong polyester and cannot be easily scratched or battered by pets. These window screens are stronger than regular ones and can be stretched to some extent Window Screenswithout sagging.

Solar Window Screens

Window screens Brisbane block the ultra violet rays of the sun. They can help protect carpet and furniture from damage due to sunlight. These screens however reduce the natural light that enters your home.

Retractable Window Screens

These window screens can be retracted or taken in when not in use. They can be used as and when required and do not block the view from the windows. But they are costlier than other screens.

Adjustable Window Screens

Adjustable screens can be fitted to your window frames and then adjusted to the required width. Their advantage lies in their ease of installation.

Roll-up Window Screens

These cost effective, quick installation screens can filter the UV rays. However, they can reduce the visibility as natural sunlight does not enter the room.

Before buying window screens for your home, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type and weigh the benefits against the cost. Also your own taste and the amount you are willing to invest in window screens would be a deciding factor.

Copper-Bronze and Aluminium

These screens are stronger and more durable than fiberglass as they are made up of a mixture of copper and zinc. They are also more expensive. Aluminium screens are rust proof and do not sag. They are generally coated so as to avoid corrosion.

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To protect your home from flying insects, try the fly screen mesh.