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Types of Wood Flooring Patterns

If you have a flair for interior design you must have noticed the great impact a beautiful flooring style has on a home. Wood flooring can change the look of your house from good to “simply marvellous”. Choosing the correct flooring will increase the size of your house or it could make your room look dark and cosy. Having a basic idea of the different flooring patterns will help you identify which one will suit your home.Wood Flooring See Wooden floor Brisbane

Herringbone wooden floors

Herringbone designs are the perfect aesthetic aid for large sprawling rooms with expansive floors. The pattern leaves a graceful herring head like shape on the floor. Remember that all this beauty is not going to come cheap and you will have to shell out some good money both for labour and material.

If you have small rooms but are besotted by the herringbone pattern, stain it in a light shade. In fact a white flooring will make your room look much larger. A floor that has the herringbone design is a lot stable than ordinary parallel design because here the boards push against each other unless there is no room for movement.

Floor installations of herringbone pattern are time consuming, expensive have high waste factor and are exquisitely beautiful. It remains one of the most sought after floor patterns.

Diagonal designs

If you are on a limited budget and are looking for something which will make your home look striking, wooden floor polishing Brisbane is a good option. However, diagonal flooring has the potential for optical expansion and it will make your room look much larger.

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